Supervised Theses

A Machine-Learning Approach to Automatically Identiy App Categories Based on Android Binaries
Master theses by Marc Miltenberger, March 2017

Detecting Android Obfuscation Techniques
Master thesis by Julien Hachenberger, November 2016

Android Malware Detection by Machine Learning
Bachelor thesis by Patrick Pauli

Statische Informationsflussanalyse mittels symbolischer Ausführung für Android
Bachelor thesis by Robert Hahn

Slicing-basierte String-Extraktion in Androidapplikationen
Bachelor thesis by Marc Miltenberger

Hybrid Inter-Component and Inter-Application Data Flow Analysis in Android
Master thesis by Dieter Hofmann

Dynamically Enforcing Usability and Security Properties of Android Advertisement Libraries
Bachelor thesis by Max Kolhagen


  • WS 2015/16: Lab Smartphone-Security for Android Applications
  • SS 2015: Seminar Tool-based approaches to Software Security
  • WS 2014/15: Lab Smartphone-Security for Android Applications
  • WS 2014/15: Lab Implementing code analyses for large software systems (ICA)
  • WS 2013/14: Lab: Smartphone-Security for Android Applications
  • WS 2013/14: Automated Code Analysis for Large Software Systems

Academic Activities

(Sub-)Reviewer for

  • Security Boards: IFIP SEC 2016, CODASPY 2016, SPSM 2015, USENIX Security 2014, NDSS 2014, CAST-Förderpreis IT-Sicherheit 2014
  • Programming Language Boards: ISSTA 2017, ASE 2016, FSE 2016, ICSE 2016, FASE 2014, OOPSLA 2013, ESEC/FSE 2013

Session Chair for: SPSM 2014

Program Chair for: FSE Demo 2016


S. Arzt and S. Rasthofer, Instrumenting Android and Java Applications as Easy as abc, Runtime Verification Conference 2013 (Tutorial)